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Friday, April 18, 2014

Haler, Baler!

Baler seemed to be a little bit overrated for me, even the waves were milder to what I've imagined. Just the same, I super enjoyed this trip and it was one hella experience!

Here is the summary of what we did.
Video credits to Lai Zubiri.

Sadly, there are no pictures of the breathtaking Ditumabo Falls also well known as Mother Falls.

List of sites we visited:
  • Giant Balete Tree
  • Museo de Baler
  • Doña Aurora House
  • Baler Catholic Church
  • Diguisit Rock Formation
  • Ditumabo Falls (Mother Falls)
  • Sabang Beach
I can't wait to go back and trek again at Ditumabo Falls, surf until I'm all scratches (yeah stones at the shoreline are nasty) and enjoy the gloomy weather of Baler.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Eat with Style

It was my first time to try Amici and I am so not disappointed!

Grabbing the opportunity to be free from office by lunch time, me and my friends decided to grab lunch at Amici which serves Italian cuisine. 

We ordered Chicken Parmigiana, Ragu Bolognese and Tutta Carne. Their pizza was baked inside a brick oven, that's why (I guess) it was so chewy and tasty! This is the best pizza I've tasted so far (but nothing beats the dirty pizza you can buy at Php80/box). 

Hehe. Can't help but to eat before I take pictures. 

Pasta servings are good for two and have a price range from Php200 to Php350. 

They also have Caramia gelatto and other sweets. 

If you're at Mega and can't decide where to eat, you can always try Amici and break loose from that restricting diet!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Scholastic Book Sale

It's not about being selfish but I forgot to blog this necessity for those book lovers out there.

People living, living around or have access to Pasig was touched by an angel. Why? Because Scholastic Book Sale is just around the corner! Though, yeah, this time around the sale has ended. But never worry, I asked the cashier if there will be another book sale and her answer was "Yes, Maam. Maybe around Christmas season. We're on sale twice a year." 

Hooray! We still got a chance to grab a brand new yet affordable copies of our beloved books!

Before I tell you the location, let me first tease you with how much I spent and how many books I've bought. (lol sorry, I can't help but brag about it)

Twelve books for only Php 2,000.00! And I'm not even guilty about it!

The warehouse sale offers different promo:
1. 20 books for 499
2. 49 and 99 price tags
4. 60% off

I really do hope Christmas will be here soon!

Location of Scholastic Warehouse Sale:
#70 C. Raymundo Ave. Rosario, Pasig City

I will update this blog when a message of their next schedule was sent to me. 
UPDATE: They extended the sale until April 30, 2014

Yay! See you there!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tagaytay Bulalo Hunt

Not over a day ago since I've been to Tagaytay due to official business travel. But here I am again with my college friends for some bulalo hunt.

We head to Tagaytay after enjoying the rides, waves and sun at Splash Island, Biñan Laguna. We arrived just in time for us to watch the sunset and enjoy the breeze most Metro people surely missed.  After debating on what restaurant have the best Bulalo, we decided to try Mer-Ben's (because of their signage "Extra Special Bulalo"). 

To have a better look at the Taal, we chose the table at their rooftop level. We ordered Medium sized bulalo (it's good for 3 people but in our case, it's good for 8 of us). We also tried their Crispy Bulalo which we've mistaken to also have soup ala Crispy Sinigang/Dinuguan, unfortunately it's as plain as its name. I didn't enjoy the Crispy Tawilis since I am really not a seafood lover. 

What I liked most of Mer-Ben's is the atmosphere. The place is clean and their crew are attentive. 

They also have quartet who serenades per table and they'll even ask for your request with a wide range of song selection. They sang Set Fire to The Rain, Let It Go and other classics. The group is Superb, you wouldn't mind giving them large tip!

(Pardon the photo, I'm only using my phone's camera. Hehe)

So, next time you'll be at Tagaytay don't forget to visit Mer-Ben's Tapsilogan. 


Friday, April 11, 2014

Tierra de Maria - A Hidden Mother of God Shrine

Yesterday, I attended an official forum held at Development Academy of the Philippines, Tagaytay City. On our way to the venue, my colleague noticed a Guadalupe image as tall as a three-storey building in front of DAP compound. So while on break, we decided to visit the shrine. 

From afar, she looked this huge. You probably didn't notice her before since her color is the same with the building paint itself and her view was blocked by an annex of the building. To be honest, I've been in Tagaytay numerous times already since it is located near the Metro, but it was my first time to see this shrine. 
I guess, they strategically hid it to give the shrine an edge of solemnity. Which I could swear how solemn it is inside. 

When you enter their healing center, you will be greeted by an angel with holy water (I'm not sure what you called that thing.. Hehe UPDATE: it's called holy water font) and an earnest playback of religious tagalog song that will sway you to contemplate and enter onto some religious trance. 

I am not overly religious and I have reservations with Catholic faith about its statues and images of Holy personalities but the solemnity of the place gets into me easily and found myself communicating with God instantaneously. No need for warm up. 

The place, aside from being a praise center was also a museum in its own right. You can tour around the building and you're free to take photos of everything, an add on to a very relaxing atmosphere. Here are some of the photos I took using my phone. 

Outside look:

Inside the building:

This is the lithurgical calendar where you may also request your name to be included on your birth day box. 

They also have a small Fish Spa station but was closed when we visited. 

If you're looking for a place to visit this holy week, you can try Tierra de Maria here at Tagaytay in front of DAP. Refresh your mind and soul.