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Friday, June 6, 2014

Cagbalete Island Trip - Do we have a semi-virgin?

Disclaimer: The author's experience may vary with what others have and you might experience. 

Cagbalete Island is one of those islands every beach junkie deserves a visit. Though *ehem* some *ehem* glitches may be encountered along the way, the scenery will take your stress away! It is really worth it. Just be prepared and be informed of these few facts.

1. On public transportation: Be early! Instead of taking the 5am departure from Manila, take the 2am and be at Mauban port earlier. Catch a private boat if you're not a fan of trekking. 1500 back and fort service for 1-2 pax (yeah its kinda expensive) or wait for the public boat ride until its full before it sail and apparently trek for about 30mins - 2 hours. FYI, at 9am everybody descends from who knows where and flock at the waiting area of the port. It's freaking chaos!
Tip: You can share your boat with others but advisable only if your resort is the same or near each other's.

2. Low tide approximately starts at 11:30am until about 4:30-5:00pm. Don't wait for this time if you're going to take a private boat because you'll be walking on these for 20-30 mins and Im not even joking. 

3. You can arrange a package with the resort you'll be staying and reserve ahead of time. Many of the tourists who doesn't own a tent decided to not push through with their Cagbalete visit since all the resorts are fully booked already (especially during summer. Take my heed, please. Don't waste resources and energy.) We got a large amount of 3 meals per day and an afternoon snack, a nice spot for our rented tents and extra smile from the staff. We stayed at Doña Choleng's where they have prepared a fire dance number and fireworks display. 

4. Bring at least 4 liters of water with you. Once you're on the island, the price hikes up as much as Php 23.00 per Sakto bottle of Coca-Cola. No shit.

5. Always stay at least two nights if you're going to an island. 

Just in case you're wondering:

Fare table:

Php 218.00
JAC Liner Manila to Lucena 

Php 54.00
Bus from Lucena to Mauban 

Php 50.00
From Petron Bus stop to Port 

Php 2500.00/6-9 pax
Private boat ride from Port to Cagbalete
Depending on the number of pax
Php 45.00-Php 50.00Public Boat
Morning and Afternoon rides only
Php 100.00
Environment and whatever-that-is fee
Php 100.00
Various tips (porter, boatman and his assistant)
optional (but come on! they live with your tip, have a heart!)
Php 100.00
Errands for the local kids
they will help and guide you for a tip and they are nice!

As mentioned earlier, we stayed at Doña Choleng's where, as per the feedback from our boat-mates, have the nicest staff among other resorts though Pansacola has the cleanest shore. 

I pretty much enjoyed the trip and would definitely go back since it's only few hours away from the Metro.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Book of Poems

Few years ago, I was on my way home from a job inteview when I cross upon a mobile book store. The old man sell no more than 50 books of super cheap prices. I remember, I bought my Rainmaker book for only Php 50.00. I tried to pass that route again but unluckily I never saw him again. 

Recently, this store pops up in my mind out of nowhere, and persistently reminding and bugging me for not purchasing this compilation of poems by Shakespeare. It's unusual because I am not a big fan of poems. 

Finally deciding to buy that book, I hunt down every bookstore availabe at my location but found none. So I settle for any book of poems and found this treasure:

Love and Misadventure of Lang Leav

Content and packaging wise, this book is perfect!

I'm so happy with this book, I'm not even thinking about its tag price!


Friday, April 18, 2014

Haler, Baler!

Baler seemed to be a little bit overrated for me, even the waves were milder to what I've imagined. Just the same, I super enjoyed this trip and it was one hella experience!

Here is the summary of what we did.
Video credits to Lai Zubiri.

Sadly, there are no pictures of the breathtaking Ditumabo Falls also well known as Mother Falls.

List of sites we visited:
  • Giant Balete Tree
  • Museo de Baler
  • Doña Aurora House
  • Baler Catholic Church
  • Diguisit Rock Formation
  • Ditumabo Falls (Mother Falls)
  • Sabang Beach
I can't wait to go back and trek again at Ditumabo Falls, surf until I'm all scratches (yeah stones at the shoreline are nasty) and enjoy the gloomy weather of Baler.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Eat with Style

It was my first time to try Amici and I am so not disappointed!

Grabbing the opportunity to be free from office by lunch time, me and my friends decided to grab lunch at Amici which serves Italian cuisine. 

We ordered Chicken Parmigiana, Ragu Bolognese and Tutta Carne. Their pizza was baked inside a brick oven, that's why (I guess) it was so chewy and tasty! This is the best pizza I've tasted so far (but nothing beats the dirty pizza you can buy at Php80/box). 

Hehe. Can't help but to eat before I take pictures. 

Pasta servings are good for two and have a price range from Php200 to Php350. 

They also have Caramia gelatto and other sweets. 

If you're at Mega and can't decide where to eat, you can always try Amici and break loose from that restricting diet!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Scholastic Book Sale

It's not about being selfish but I forgot to blog this necessity for those book lovers out there.

People living, living around or have access to Pasig was touched by an angel. Why? Because Scholastic Book Sale is just around the corner! Though, yeah, this time around the sale has ended. But never worry, I asked the cashier if there will be another book sale and her answer was "Yes, Maam. Maybe around Christmas season. We're on sale twice a year." 

Hooray! We still got a chance to grab a brand new yet affordable copies of our beloved books!

Before I tell you the location, let me first tease you with how much I spent and how many books I've bought. (lol sorry, I can't help but brag about it)

Twelve books for only Php 2,000.00! And I'm not even guilty about it!

The warehouse sale offers different promo:
1. 20 books for 499
2. 49 and 99 price tags
4. 60% off

I really do hope Christmas will be here soon!

Location of Scholastic Warehouse Sale:
#70 C. Raymundo Ave. Rosario, Pasig City

I will update this blog when a message of their next schedule was sent to me. 
UPDATE: They extended the sale until April 30, 2014

Yay! See you there!